Walking tour Pompeii

walking tour Pompeii

Walking tour Pompeii…why?

Why should you choose a walking tour in Pompeii? Why not visit the site on your own?
I’ll explain in a moment. Pompeii is a huge archaeological area, an entire city buried under metres of ash and lapilli layers (not lava), and when you walk through the streets you do not understand what you are looking at.

Walking through the city, you might find yourself in front of buildings or objects whose function you do not understand, and you would miss many interesting things. When you see an object like the one in the picture, you would ask yourself, “What is it for?” without being able to satisfy your curiosity.

walking tour Pompeii

I wrote that the city was covered by ash and lapilli during the eruption, not lava. This is also important information. If the city had been covered by lava, we would have found virtually nothing, because once lava cools, it becomes hard as stone. You can get this and much more information on a tour of Pompeii.

How to choose a guided tour in Pompeii.

There are different types of guided tours in the archaeological area of Pompeii. It all depends on the time you have available and your interest.

Choose your tour

A 2 hour tour 

A basic tour lasts at least two hours. In two hours you can see the best of the city and understand the basics of Roman history. In two hours you will see: the city forum (the main square), a public bath, some houses, a fast food restaurant and the city theatre.

walking tour Pompeii

A 3 hour tour

A three-hour tour will give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge. We will be able to talk about how the ancients ate, how they learned, how their houses were built and even how they had sex.

A 4 hours tour

The four-hour tour is certainly the most complete of all, allowing you to reach even the most distant buildings, such as the beautiful Villa of Mysteries.
A tour that allows you to discover the entire archaeological area and also the last excavated areas recently opened to the public.

How are my walking tour in Pompeii?

My tours are a mixture of culture and irony. The intention is to introduce you to history in a fun and relaxing way. In this way you can understand how the Romans lived without being bored.

Find out more.

I know many of you think history is boring. Full of dates and names, it is one of the least popular subjects. Yet it is actually very interesting and fun. Around Pompeii you can discover the stories of many personalities, men and women, very special.
Especially women like Eumachia, Asellina and Giulia Felice.

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