Sara Prossomariti

Sara Prossomariti, writer and tour guide.

What about me.

I am Sara Prossomariti and I was born in Caserta on March 19, 1984.
I found out dramatically at the age of 10 that March 19 across Italy celebrated for Father’s Day and not for my birthday. In the nice and well known Mondragone, my ego has expanded  as the universe and found refuge in books.

Easy to boredom I discovered that only books could groove my life, each one different and at the end of an adventure a new ready to be lived. I moved to Naples back in 2002, I graduated in Ancient History and Archaeology after completing a period of study in Athens.

Basically seditious and controversy, as well as with a certain sarcasm, typically Neapolitan characteristic and well clear in my works, in a few years became a writer of essays for the publisher Newton Compton.

Firmly believe that history should be accessible to everyone, experts and not, men and women, young and old, I decided to make a light and pleasant material basically tricky, full of dates and names. To do this, in addition to writing, I also dedicated to the activity of tour guide.

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What about my job.

I love my and and its history that’s why i choose to guide tourists to discover its beauty. History, monuments, food, music and miracles.

Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Caserta these are just some of the places you can visit with me to enjoy you time in Campania. Pompeii gives you the chance to go beck to the past; the Amalfi Coast is the triumph of the nature while Naples… Naples is Naples.

Naples is a special city that must be lived to be understood. Each district a different color: yellow and blue like the sea and the sun of the waterfront; red like the tomato on the pizza; with like the marble in the churches and black like the dark side of the city.

My itineraries.